Massage Therapy: Grateful Client and Evolving Practitioner

Got some Words from Friends for y’all today!!! πŸ˜€ That’s right, another guest post! This time from one of my nearest and dearest .. and one of the hands-down most amazing gals you’ll ever meet. Without furtherΒ ado (well, after I mention that you should read all the way down for a special PROMO*!!!),Β I’ll let her take it straight away!! Ladies and gents, meet Kendall!!!!!

pretty Kendall

(Why yes, she is stunningly BEAUTIFUL! Inside and out, let me tell you!)

A bit about this lovely lady:
Kendall Perrine is a Southern California native. She moved to the Central Coast of California with her family at the age of 16. She spent 9 years on the Central Coast, exploring its beauty receiving education. She attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. where she completed her B.S. in Kinesiology with a concentration in Physical Therapy. After graduation she worked many part-time jobs in the health and wellness industry and continued to learn more about the human body by attending massage therapy school where she obtained her license as a massage therapy practitioner in the state of California.Β Additionally, she worked for the Parks and Recreation Department of San Luis Obispo as a lifeguard and swim instructor for many years.

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Dry Brushing

Stagnation. Ick. It’s what keeps us stuck, allows mosquitoes to grow, promotes clot formation in our vasculature, makes rooms stuffy, causes pain. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is sometimes said that stagnation is the root of all illness. Whether that is indeed true, and whether or not we totally understand the mechanism of such an etiology, one thing most of us can agree on is that stagnation is not a good thing ~ especially when that stagnation is occurring in our bodies.

Most people are aware that within them pulses blood through a network of arteries and veins. But did you know that, running just nearby to those liquid-transporting passageways is another series of tubes and ducts? Well, there is; meet the lymphatic system. As blood moves along, materials enter and leave it; this is how oxygen and other nutrients get delivered to our tissues and carbon dioxide and other wastes removed. The exchange happens quickly and highly efficiently, but even in the healthiest of humans, not every ounce of fluid that is lost from the bloodstream is returned to the veins each time. Cue lymphatics.
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DIY: Lavender Stress Relief Salve

Happy Holidays!

β€œThe most wonderful time of the year” is here!!

You know what that means .. trees, lights, decorating, traveling, family time, feasting, shopping, wrapping, festive gatherings … stress. It’s not what the season is supposed to be about, but undeniably a byproduct of what the modern world has turned this holy holiday into. And despite every effort one may make to avoid getting swept up into the hustle and bustle that defines this time of year for so many, it invariably ends up more difficult to avoid than was first imagined.

That said, I’m sure you’re plenty busy just like the rest/best of β€˜em, so I’ll keep this short and sweet (as much as that’s possible for me, anyway .. πŸ˜‰ ) ~ today I’ve got something for ya that will hopefully help take care of two things at once. Perfect, right? Just what everyone wants during holiday prep. And rather than β€œthings” I suppose I should really say two *people:* you and whoever you feel might enjoy a handcrafted gift made with your beautiful love! Continue reading

Essential Oils: A Love Affair

Ahh, essential oils. Can’t live without em, and can’t live without em. Because really, how exciting can things really be if you don’t have new and exciting and effective yummily-scented medicines as part of your daily routine!? I’ve made public already my love affair with coconut oil, and no, I don’t feel like I’m cheating. (After all, many times I’ll dilute a few drops of EOs in coconut oil, anyway ~ everyone gets in on the action, so everyone wins!) Over the last couple years I’ve slowly built up my collection of oils**; now, they make up the majority of my health/hygiene/beauty products repertoire, and their scents literally permeate my days. As you might imagine, I could go on and onn and onnnn about essential oils and how wonderful I think they are, but the truth is, I know you’d much rather try some out for yourself than take my word for it. That’s where this post comes in! Continue reading

Aloha and Permaculture

Hey there, dear readers!Β  Happy September! And boy do I have a treat for you!!

Words not from me .. not even from the mainland USA .. but all the way from Hawaii!

That’s right ~ please welcome our second guest blogger of Living in the Light – Today’s 2 years of existence! (We did hit two, recently, ya know.. Woohoo!! HBD, LITL-T! Many thanks to all of you ~ those who were here with your support from the beginning as well as those who are new; I treasure each one of you.)

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Disease. Dis-ease.

Anything that holds you back, keeps you from feeling free and limitless, prevents you from reaching your full potential and realizing your dreams, stops you from being wholly and unapologetically you ~ who you want to be and who you’re meant to be and who the world needs you to be because you’re the only one who can do it successfully.

Lots of definitions of and ways to describe a state of non-health, imbalance, dis-harmony.

If you’re not thriving, but merely surviving.. is that considered healthy? Healthy enough for you? Where you want to be on the health-illness spectrum? Where you are? Continue reading

A Healthy Mouth – made at home!

Open wide and say β€œahhh!”

Yes, in Clinical Skills Lab this last year we did learn the beginnings of what to look for after giving someone those instructions.. But no, that’s not what I’ll be walking us through today! Nope, not at all. (Though I know I owe you a post on quarter 3 of naturopathic med school.. and I promise it’s on the way! Stay tuned!!) Rather, I’ll tell you just what it is I do every day to take care of my teeth!

Probably it’s something you think you’ve already got covered. And possibly, you do! But I’m here to tell you that if you’re using Crest or Colgate or one of those other fancy schmancy toothpastes, or Listerine or even Tom’s mouthwashes, and not making use of the myriad of easy, inexpensive, wholly natural and healthy/SAFE alternatives (most of which you likely already have patiently waiting in your home (or yard!!), you’re truly missing out ~ and even doing your mouth and whole system a disservice. So give this a read if you feel so inclined; maybe you’ll come away with some new strategies, or at least some β€œfood” to gnaw on for thought. Continue reading