The Healing Power of Love

With less than 2 weeks to go until graduating med school, here I am with some reflections on LOVE .. and the unparalleled strength of its all-healing power.

As time goes on, and as I get the honor and privilege of observing, interacting and engaging with, treating, deeply seeing not only patients but the other wonderful people in my life and even myself, I have come to this conclusion: that love is quite possibly the most powerful healing force on this planet.

All the medicines in the world ~ naturopathic, allopathic, etc etc from all the healing traditions and hidden corners of the earth ~ have their place and their healing potential. All are important and certainly worth studying and implementing into our lives when appropriate; all can be tools used by God, others, self to aid us on our healing journeys. But the root of true, deep, profound wellness on all levels of our being is, I’m beginning to see and believe, love. Continue reading


Beauty in the Struggle

The struggle is real, y’all!!

How many of you definitely don’t need me to tell you that?

The struggle factor waxes and wanes for all of us; sometimes we’re ridin high, it’s all smooth sailin .. other times were caught in the middle of stormy seas. There is a time for everything.

But I’m here to remind us all today that there is BEAUTY in the struggle. Promise in confusion. Hope in the darkness. Purpose for the chaos. Method to the madness. Reason for the season. Trust in the uncertainty. Light peeking through the clouds. .. However you wanna say it, can you sense what I’m getting at here? It will all be ok, and these trials are not for naught. Continue reading

Love the SKIN you’re in

A “how-to” on just how to love and care for that beautiful, precious skin you’re in!!

Let’s go through the basics together. We’ll dive down pretty far, but this won’t be comprehensive. Why? Because as you’re about to see, the health of your largest organ is so, SO much more than just what you put on it. Beauty shines from the inside out, and healthy insides make for healthy, glowing outsides.

So, due to popular demand (aka a number of questions which have come my way lately around how to best improve skin as well as my own skin care routine), let’s get into some of the most effective ways to get beautiful, healthy skin .. and to LOVE THAT SKIN YOU’RE IN! Continue reading

Naturopathic Medicine: An Overview

Happy March (and St. Patty’s Day!), y’all!

Comin atchya today with some basic explanations on NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE, cuz I get so many questions on it and feel there are so many misunderstandings around it .. and while there ain’t no way we could hit on all that and cover all our naturopathic bases today, I do wanna get the conversation started and ball rolling. Because, in case you haven’t heard me say it before: this is REAL, GOOD, TRUE, EFFECTIVE medicine .. and yet, it’s so far from, or misinterpreted in, most people’s minds.

Just the other day, in a visit with a patient, I was “secondary” student clinician (in other words I was not “primary” / taking the case, but rather assisting ~ which, while not as glamorous, is actually a role I quite enjoy being privileged to have sometimes, because there’s a lot to be gleaned from observing an interaction / not having to guide the discussion but rather really getting to completely listen, absorb, and begin to make something of what you’re hearing in that moment rather than later, when you’re finally able to step back and see all the pieces of the puzzle and then begin putting them together), and I had an aha moment of inspiration, and of profound gratitude for our naturopathic profession. Continue reading

Love and Cats

Happy February and month of love to all my LITL readers!

Today I thought I’d bring some ramblings your way on two topics which maybe you don’t usually associate (if you’re not a cat lover, that’s ok ~ you’ll still get something out of our post today!), BUT which, in honor of the latest lover-ly holiday and also some recent events in my kitty-owning life, I thought I’d tie together for you.

Think of it as some thoughts on LOVE and some tips on CATS and, silly as it may sound, how the latter has taught me about the former. That’s right. A tiny little fuzzy creature in the course of a few weeks brought me so many more insights and understandings on real love than I would’ve ever thought possible.

Let’s dive right in, then. Where to begin.. Continue reading

Red Moon White Moon: Lunar Cycling

With all the hubbub and hype around the MOON these days .. I thought I’d better join in on the conversation!

BUT. Not just in any ol’ “ohh, ahh, the blood moon wolf moon full moon eclipse was soo cool” kinda way .. oh no! We gettin down to the deep stuff today aka the special connection we as women are privileged to share with the moon ~ what menstrual alignment with lunar cycles means and how we ladies can promote a rhythm more in line with this more-than-just-tide-regulating celestial body .. which ultimately also tends to mean more balanced hormones. Sound good? Are we ready, girls!? (Silly question. We were BORN ready!) Let’s go! Continue reading

Holiday Shopping: HANDMADE BY HEATHER MAY Gift Sale!

Happy December!!

Doin things a lil differently this month .. and sharing a FOR SALE list with y’all as our December blog post!

Because I’ve been meaning to get my Handmade by Heather May shop up and running for ages now ~ years, it’s safe to say .. and while I have SO many other product ideas and in-the-makings in mind and on deck, for now, just in time to deck the halls, I figured I’d just better get started with what I’ve got.

Future purchasable items include: essential oil perfumes, tooth powder and mouthwash, aluminum-free deodorant, more tea and salve formulations, makeup remover, herbal face/body oil, natural soaps, etc..

But for now, I have a few healthy, natural, homemade items which would look so super pretty wrapped all up for your nearest and dearest under a Christmas tree .. or would serve as the perfect treat for YOURSELF this holiday season, to help combat that so-unwanted-but-so-hard-to-avoid end-of-year/holiday season hustle and bustle, rushing and stressing. Continue reading